Residential Care

 Russell Male Adult Program

Knotridge Female Youth Program

 Amiens Male Youth Program

 Joshua Female Adult Program

Our Program Goals

Teaching new behaviours under Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Integrating resident's into the community.

Ensuring surrounding communities are aware.

Increasing and refining the knowledge of parents/guardians.

Collaborating with clinical professionals for proper care.

Behaviour Support Programs.

Protecting one's cultural identity, sexuality, and beliefs.

Providing proper resources for each resident pertaining to their unique diagnosis.

Providing our resident's with a means of education.

Our Program Description

Our residential care programs are a long-term/short-term care home for individuals with developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis. Walk of Grace pertains to the ages of 10 years - 18+ years, both male and female. Our programs are tailored towards adults and youth who are diagnosed with anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, vision impairment, and other developmental delays. Walk of Grace takes into account the resident's mental health needs and works with a clinical care team in developing the proper Behaviour Support Programs to help teach new behaviours through Applied Behaviour Analysis. 


Orleans, Ontario, Canada
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