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Walk of Grace is excited to announce that we have recently opened a new youth program in Orleans, Ontario. This program pertains to males, between the ages of 10-18 years of age, who are diagnosed with developmental disabilities. It is located in a beautiful, mature neighbourhood in Orleans, Ontario.

Because of the high demand for permanent and short term placement for children with dual diagnosis, and not enough programs to serve the families who are searching for relief, Walk of Grace decided to develop a program that could facilitate a home that could simultaneously provide behavioural treatment.

Through Applied Behaviour Analysis, Walk of Grace

has created a program that will help children with maladaptive behaviour, using replacement behaviour therapy. This program will aid in reducing behaviours concerning physical aggression towards others and

the environment, non-compliance, suicidal ideations,

self-injurious behaviour, and inappropriate bodily functions. Please contact our intake representative

to find out more!

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Orleans, Ontario, Canada
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