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Walk of Grace was developed in 2017. Elias (2nd from left), Pamela (3rd from left), and Sandrella Chalhoub (1st from left) created the Knotridge program, which tailored to youth with dual diagnosis. Walk of Grace has since grown to a 3 programs across the Ottawa region, which now serves adults and children with developmental disabilities, and continues to grow. Our success has stemmed from our passion for helping others, and making differences in our communities. The true success of our programs have come from the Adult & Child Care Workers who work directly with our resident's and have dedicated themselves to the betterment of each residents life. Without the dedication and on-going care that is provided by the Walk of Grace staff members, none of which has become, could have been, and for that, Walk of Grace would like to extend our upmost gratitude to all of our team members.

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Orleans, Ontario, Canada
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